Mette Boatman
Co-Founder and Board Director

Mette Boatman, Co-Founder and Board Director, has more than 15 years’ experience managing consultancy companies in Lao PDR, developing and leading high performing social research teams, design and implement methodologies for best practice, ethical and scientific valid social studies.

Mette has extensive experience in social behaviour change for development: designing participatory tools and strategies for capacity building and behaviour change in various contexts. She has designed and implemented numerous social research studies to collect and analyse information for project design, monitoring and evaluation. Drawing on her background in social anthropology her work is focused on social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable and marginalised groups and development of methodologies that engage target population in the production of knowledge and moulding of new practices.

Mette has represented Civitas within the international business community in Lao PDR, known as a strong advocate for social and environmentally sustainable business practices as the first ever female elected Member of the Executive Board of the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry where she now serves as Vice President.