Thomas Casale
Programme & Operations Manager

Thomas Casale, Programme & Operations Manager, is an anthropologist combining his extensive experience in community consultations and quantitative data management and analysis.
With a focus on understanding local contexts, Thomas employs theoretical and pragmatic approaches to develop data management protocols and specific methodologies. He excels in questionnaire design, quality assurance protocols, data cleaning, and analysis, bringing valuable insights to projects.
Thomas’s research and analysis skills provide a solid foundation for data management and contribute to understanding complex local contexts. His contributions have helped organizations make informed decisions, develop evidence-based policies, and bring about positive change.
His meticulous approach to data analysis enables him to uncover valuable insights and identify key trends and patterns. He focuses on delivering comprehensive reports that bridge theory and practice, providing actionable recommendations.
Thomas’s passion for understanding social and environmental impacts has led him to undertake in-depth studies in various contexts. Drawing on his multiple experiences, Thomas combines theoretical frameworks with real-world challenges making of him an invaluable asset to any development project.