Civitas Team

Our multi-lingual team is made up of highly qualified professionals and consultants with a broad range of technical skills and solid experience in carrying out all aspects of socio-economic research and implementation. In addition to the eight permanent staff listed below, Civitas has a large network of freelance consultants, surveyors, and sectoral experts brought in as required.

Managing Director

Emma Pelletreau

An experienced social scientist who assesses projects to internationally accredited standards, Emma has worked with a variety of clients & partners including national government ministries in multiple jurisdictions. Emma has engaged in community relations work including facilitating meaningful engagement with diverse stakeholders in communities, government agencies, donors and civil society for nearly 20 years. This practical experience ensures analysis is grounded in real-world applications to support project objectives. Her sectoral experience includes community development, mining, education, hydropower, agriculture and forestry.

Team Leader

Khamphao Singpaseuth (Phao)

Phao has been involved in community relations strategies, government liaison work, and data collection for over 18 years. An experienced team leader, Phao has considerable experience with public disclosure, information dissemination strategies and other community consultations. Phao is skilled in socio-economic and environmental research, and resource and agricultural planning.

Team Leader

Vichitta Linthavong (Noud)

Noud is experienced in qualitative and quantitative data collection, training of field teams, data management and quality control. In addition to project support and implementation work, Noud also has expertise in government liaison and coordination.

IT Manager

Gilunda Vonghachak (Aek)

Aek both maintains the office IT systems, and participates in field work. With experience in quantitiative data collection, Aek combines his community focus with an ability to support comprehensive data management systems. 

Business Advisor

Alistair Brown

With decades experience in management in the private sector, Alistair has extensive knowledge of leading people & teams through change, combining a deep appreciation of organisational strategy, stakeholder engagement, marketing, finance, HR & production/operations. As Managing Director of a large multinational company in Lao PDR for seven years, Alistair led a successful and profitable joint venture company with the Lao Government. Alistair now focuses on supporting the commercial capability development of Lao entities and their people through a mix of strategic leadership, mentoring, training and consulting projects.

Operations Director

Mette Boatman

With considerable experience in social behaviour change for development, designing participatory tools and strategies for capacity building and behaviour change in various contexts, Mette draws on her background in social anthropology to focus on social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable and marginalised groups. Mette develops methodologies that engage target populations in the production of knowledge and moulding of new practices.

Mette has worked for a range of clients in multiple sectors, including hydropower, energy, water supply and sanitation, health and nutrition. 

Team Leader

Vilaythong Chanthalinh (Bie)

Bie has worked in socio-economic and environmental research, and resource and agricultural planning, in the Lao PDR for over 18 years. An experienced team leader, Bie is expert in overseeing field teams to work in delivering a range of activities includng socio-economic surveys, resettlement audits, baseline studies.

Senior Technician

Khamphat Phonesavah (Phat)

Phat has been a field technician and community relations assistant for many years. An experienced mechanic and builder, Phat supports the field teams with technical ability in maintenance, repair and construction, as well as carrying out household surveys.

Could this be you?

Civitas is always keen to hear from consultants and those who share our values to work together on a range of projects across various sectors, countries and landscapes. Contact us to learn how we might work together. 

Civitas is a proud member of:

  • The Australian Chamber of Commerce (Austcham)
  • The British Business Group in Lao PDR (BBGL)
  • The European Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Lao PDR (ECCIL)
  • The Land Information Working Group (LIWG)

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