What We Do

Civitas creates understanding between our clients and the communities in which they work. We use integrated methodologies to delve underneath a surface understanding of who lives in each village. This anthropological approach goes further to dig into root cause analysis of issues that are not always immediately obvious. We gain an understanding of how integrated peoples lives are, and use this knowledge to provide practical recommendations and real-world solutions to a variety of complex issues. 

Civitas does most of our information gathering, dissemination, planning, assessment and implementation of community projects with a participatory approach. Civitas engages both communities and our clients throughout the process to ensure optimal outcomes.

Community Relations

By using an integrated approach to both qualitative and quantitative information gathering and dissemination, Civitas supports clients' community relations needs. Technological innovations are often harnessed to support both client and community requirements.

Project Activities

Civitas has extensive experience in all stages of programme and project work including:

  • Design
  • Baseline surveys
  • Funding Proposals
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Final Evaluations
  • Reporting.

Integrated Impact Assessments

Civitas uses a gender justice approach which examines who does what, who benefits, who is excluded, who makes decisions, and who bears the risk. This proven approach identifies potential benefits and risks to the community from any proposed project activity.

Government Liaison

In many jurisdictions, Government partners play a key role. Civitas supports clients in developing and maintaining realistic and productive relationships.

Qualitative and Quantitative Information Gathering

Civitas conducts a wide variety of exercises:

  • Socio-economic surveys
  • Community Census
  • Participatory Mapping
  • Community planning
  • Participatory Rapid Appraisals
  • Rapid Rural Appraisals
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • School Observations
  • Campaign Materials Testing

Using our expertise we ensure that the work is properly targeted, the data accurate, and that information is presented in a way that ensures usability.


    Civitas has experience in a range of mapping activities both desk-based (from aerial photography) and within the community context (GIS mapping of fields, infrastructure, roads, forests or sites of cultural and spiritual interest). These activites are suited to: 

    • Community Development Plans
    • Asset Plans
    • Local boundary demarcation
    • Locating agricultral production areas
    • Cultural heritage work
    • Resettlement surveys
    • Resource extraction/exploration

    Community Policies

    Civitas can assess exisiting community policies or draft new ones to:

    • support Community Relations goals
    • comply with laws at all jurisdictional levels
    • follow international best practice.

    Communication Strategies and Information Dissemination

    Communication issues are a key area of concern for organisations working with communities. Civitas works to ensure people are part of mutual dialogue that promotes respect, manages expectations, and raises issues in a timely manner.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Civitas helps our clients develop their CSR strategies, ensuring a powerful Social License to Operate through sustainable engagement with communities and key stakeholders.

    Data Management

    Data collected by Civitas on behalf of our partners is securely stored. Designing safe, secure and accessible data management systems ensures that information is protected, necessary reporting can be completed easily, and evidence of consultation demonstrated.

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