Our Values

Our values inform how we work.

Civitas promotes Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC), and conducts our work in a participatory manner.

Civitas believes in a rights-based approach which understands the gendered way in which women and men interact with the wider world, and understands how these differences affect all facets of life.

Civitas strives to ensure that we reach different sections of the population, especially traditionally vulnerable populations (including but not limited to migrants, refugees, landless people, victims of trafficking and conflicts, widows, orphans, and those less educated). By including those frequently overlooked by virtue of their ethnicity, sexuality, ability, religion, or poverty, we provide our clients with a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of communities - and therefore are well placed to offer potential solutions.

Equality and Equity

Civitas values equality and equal participation from different stakeholders.

Informed Consent

Civitas values informed consent, giving people and organisations the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Positive Results

Civitas values positive results that support sustainable development & growth, financial security for our clients, ourselves, and those with whom we interact.

Intellectual Rigour

Civitas values intellectual rigour, following best practices, and the rule of law.

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